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Women's Center


The mission of the Women’s Center is to facilitate a work and learning environment at Washington State University that supports the success and empowerment of all women students, staff and faculty, as individuals and as a community.  The WC serves as a resource center for the university community on issues and programs related to women. Our library and reference materials are extensive, and are available to the entire university population.

We encourage a campus environment that recognizes the contributions of women and supports their diverse concerns. The WC serves as a home base for many programs and projects presented by women’s groups on campus. Embracing change, demanding diversity, and recognizing the dignity to all women, the WC is an empowering focal point for young women leaders. When the Women’s Center provides assistance, support, and mentoring to women at Washington State University, we help those women transform our campus into a more inclusive and progressive institution.

The resources we offer range from food assistance to activity space to skill building for leadership development.

  • Rosario's Place

    Rosario's Place was created to offer student-parents quality, free, and gently used clothing for children 6 and younger years of age and has expanded to include books, small toys, diapering products, and limited baby gear. Our food pantry is housed within Rosario's Place as well. Access to this service is FREE to all WSU students. Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit!

    We're proud to be able to offer this resource to WSU's hard-working student parents. Rosario's Place is supported entirely by donations from WSU and the surrounding community - and, in fact, many of our donors are also people who use the resource. Our community is generous, and we're glad to be part of efforts to take care of each other.

    To Visit

    If you are interested in visiting Rosario's Place, please come to the Women's Center in Room 8HA on the Ground Floor of Wilson-Short Hall anytime. It's located adjacent to the Women's Center, Wilson-Short Hall, Room 8. Anyone on staff will be happy to help you. Contact us if you have any questions!

    To Donate

    • Donations are accepted anytime during normal operating hours.
    • Rosario’s Place accepts new or gently used children’s clothing and shoes (0-5 years), children's books and toys, and new diapers and hygiene products.
    • Please note that the Women's Center cannot accept open packages or large items such as baby furniture.
    • Clothing must be clean and folded neatly in boxes or bags, and all books/toys must be in excellent condition.
    • All new disposable diapers, wipes, creams, oils, powders, and feeding tools must be in original, unopened packaging.
    • Items not used after 90 days become the property of the Women's Center and may be donated to a charity of our choice.
    two students standing with a full table of donations

    room full of baby clothes and food

  • Food Pantry at Rosario's Place

    cans of soup and beans

    Food for All at Rosario's Place

    Not only does Rosario's Place provide gently used clothing for children and feminine hygiene products, but we also have food! The food pantry is open whenever Wilson-Short Hall is unlocked. Food is available for any WSU student.

    The food is donated by people at WSU and in the surrounding community. Our selection varies greatly, but often includes snacks and quick lunch items as well as canned and dry goods. We know that financial aid can be late coming in, or that people sometimes forget to pack a lunch for a long day - please don't hesitate to come by for a cup of noodles!

    We appreciate the generosity of our community very much, and we're glad to be able to help provide this resource to students who need it. Resources like this one grow out of perceived community need. The university is taking steps to address food insecurity in a number of ways. We're just glad to do our bit to make life a bit easier for hungry Cougs.

    shelves of canned and boxed food

    To Visit

    To access our food pantry please come to the Women's Center in Room 8 on the Ground Floor of Wilson-Short Hall anytime during normal business hours.  Anyone on staff will be happy to help you. Contact us if you have any questions!

    To Donate

    • Donations are accepted anytime during normal operating hours.
    • We can only accept shelf-stable food in its original packaging.
    • We may re-donate food to other area food banks if it isn't likely to be used here.

  • Lavender Lounge / Lactation Space

    corner of a room with comfortable furniture and art

    The Lavender Lounge and Lactation Space

    This recently updated space provides a private, comfortable place to feed a child or use a breast pump. It's also available for meetings, interviews, and as a casual lounge area when not otherwise in use. If you need to reserve it for a particular time, you may do so using our online reservation form or contact us directly. You're also welcome to walk in at any time. Check this calendar if you want to know when the room is available. 

    We think it's important that student parents have the resources they need to succeed, which is why we provide both this lactation station and Rosario's Place. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Our thanks go to Sydney Pederson, who captured the spirit of this room and the Center as a whole in her artwork. We love displaying her work, and greatly appreciated her thoughtfulness. 

    We're always grateful when our students and friends share their talents with us!

    painting of a green woman holding a baby

  • Study Room and Library

    room with table and chairs

    four students studying in the library

    students working in computer lab

    Come to the WC Study Room!

    This recently redecorated room is a free resource provided to WSU students by the Women’s Center. There are two desktop computers available as well as a table that works well for small groups. We often also have cups of noodles available if you need a quick lunch while you're studying! This room can be reserved using our reservation form.

    Check out the WC Library.

    Students are welcome to browse and check out books from our resource library. We host an extensive collection of female-centered and leadership development books, as well as books selected for common reading. Materials available include journals, periodicals, books, information files and video tapes. The Resource Library also subscribes to several national publications including Women in Higher Education, About Women On Campus, On Campus With Women, Women's Health Watch, Center for Research on Women Research Report, Washington Women United, the Center for Women Policy Studies Report, and many more. This extensive collection is available to the entire University population.

    The library also has space for a small meeting of up to eight people. To reserve the room for a meeting, please use our reservation form. To check out a book, email, call, or simply stop into the Women's Center.

    Library and computer hours are during open hours: 8:30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Women's Center Main Room

    view of women's center front room from door
    lounge with cougar rug, chairs, TV

    The Women's Center Main Room

    When you first walk into the center, you'll see a chalkboard wall in front of you and a cougar rug to the right. This room, which normally has seating for 5, can be used for much larger groups by bringing in more chairs. We show films on the TV, which can also be used for presentations. This is generally a drop-in space full of great conversations and ideas - please don't hesitate to stop by and check it out. You can even leave your mark on the chalkboard.

    This room can be reserved for events. Please use our online reservation form to request it. Note that events during the normal working day might be difficult for us to schedule, because this lounge is the entrance to the Women's Center; people will occasionally walk in. If you need a space without interruptions, the Library or Lavender Lounge might meet your needs. 

  • Scholarship Opportunity

    Women's Center Student Achievement Scholarship

    The WSU Women's Center is able to reward one or two scholarships a year to students who apply and meet the necessary criteria. The awardee(s) will be chosen by committee after the scholarship deadline (April 30, 2018) has passed. The application form is available online. The application process includes a brief personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and your current academic transcript (unofficial is acceptable). 

    Your personal statement should address the following questions:
    1. Why do you believe you deserve this scholarship? How have you achieved success, academically or otherwise?
    2. How will this scholarship help you reach your academic and career goals?
    3. What challenges have you faced as you've sought an education?
    4. How have you been involved with the Women's Center and/or Coalition for Women Students?
    5. How would this scholarship help address unmet financial need?

    One of your letters of recommendation must be from a faculty member who can describe your academic work; the other can be from anyone who can speak to your character, challenges, needs, or goals, faculty or otherwise, as long as that person is not a relative.

    This scholarship both rewards past achievement and looks toward supporting students in their future endeavors. The Women's Center can take into account grades, unmet financial need, and additional challenges that students face in seeking success. To qualify, undergraduates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and graduates a minimum GPA of 3.0.  If you  have any questions about this process, please email us or stop by the Women's Center, on the ground floor of Wilson-Short Hall, during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

  • Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies

    Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies 

    Washington State University's Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies department offers a major in Women's Studies, along with two minors: Women's Studies and Queer Studies. Students are also welcome to take WGSS courses without certifying in the major or minor(s) as well. 

    For more information on the program, including Professors, major/minor requirements, and courses being offered, please visit the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program website.

    Fall 2018 Course Offerings Bulletin: 

    Women Studies/English 211: Introduction to Queer Culture and Literature

    "From seventeenth-century lesbian nuns to Butch is a Noun, popular queer literature has woven its way through the fabric of Americas. Focusing on US-based popular fiction, we will read fabulous novels, including young adult lit. and end with a cult classic. Light refreshments the last Thursday of each month."

    Women Studies 301: Critical Race Feminism

    "In a society governed by the rule of law, where its founding documents embedded racist sexism into the law of the land, how do we work for justice? Join us as we engage the work of Margaret Montoya, Adriene Katherine Wing, Dean Spade (and more) to grapple with this critical question."


    For more information on these courses, visit the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies website.