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Women*s Center

Washington State University and the University of Idaho

Women's Leadership Conference

Together We Rise
Thursday, April 9, 2020

Call for Proposals (pdf info)

Women’s Leadership Conference 2020: Call for Proposals

Deadline is January 24, 2020

The University of Idaho and Washington State University are once again partnering to hold our annual, one-day Women’s Leadership Conference. The President’s Offices of both universities are co-sponsoring the event, which will be held in Moscow, Idaho on April 9, 2020.
The theme for the 2020 Women’s Leadership Conference is “Together, We Rise.” This theme speaks to our collective commitment to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate difference, working together to build networks of support and strong alliances between women-identified people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences. More powerful together, we pledge to uplift and sustain each other in our personal and professional growth, and in our commitment to promoting individual and community resilience and change.

Conference Learning Outcomes

Conference participants will:

• Recognize barriers to collaboration, women’s leadership, and professional opportunities and identify possible solutions.
• Discover and build leadership skills, tools, and a life-long commitment to self-evaluation.
• Form, foster, enhance, and develop open and honest relationships with people and groups who advocate for others.
• Identify ways to empower an inclusive and supportive workplace and community irrespective of social identity, status, culture, or institutional role.

Session Proposal Details

Promoting change and cultivating resilience can be challenging, particularly for women in the workplace. Although all submissions will be considered, we are seeking proposals that will highlight these topics:
• Being influential
• Conflict resolution
• Cultural humility
• Diversity and inclusion
• Financial health
• Healthy and inclusive communication
• Imposter syndrome
• Inclusive work environment
• Individual and shared empowerment
• Leadership skills
• Leadership styles
• Marketing yourself
• Mentoring
• Negotiating your worth
• Networking and making connections
• Resiliency
• Sponsorship
• Tailoring to your audience
• Time management
• Work-life balance

All submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of members of the conference planning team.


Session Types

• Workshop: An active and engaging session style to teach or introduce practical skills, techniques, or ideas which can be used in participants’ work or daily lives. Interaction between peers and/or presenters is essential.
• Panel Discussion (2-4 panelists): You have a diverse set of experts to serve on a panel. The purpose is to host a live discussion about a specific topic with panelists who may share differing perspectives. Preferably, you should provide a set of questions for a moderator to pose to the panelists and leave time at the end for audience Q&A.
• Lightning talk (3-5 presenters): You have a series of speakers that will each speak for 5-15 minutes in quick succession. Typically, you should leave at least 10 minutes for Q&A and discussion at the end of your session.


Each session should:
• Align directly with the conference outcomes.
• Be inclusive to all learners.
• Be 60-minutes in length.


Preference will be given to proposals that offer:
• Solution-driven strategies, best practices, and/or new directions or methods and/or
• Tangible ideas on how to apply knowledge and skills.