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Women's Center

corner of a room with comfortable furniture and art

The Lavender Lounge and Lactation Space

This recently updated space provides a private, comfortable place to feed a child or use a breast pump. It's also available for meetings, interviews, and as a casual lounge area when not otherwise in use. If you need to reserve it for a particular time, you may do so using our online reservation form or contact us directly. You're also welcome to walk in at any time. Check this calendar if you want to know when the room is available. 

We think it's important that student parents have the resources they need to succeed, which is why we provide both this lactation station and Rosario's Place. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Our thanks go to Sydney Pederson, who captured the spirit of this room and the Center as a whole in her artwork. We love displaying her work, and greatly appreciated her thoughtfulness. 

We're always grateful when our students and friends share their talents with us!

painting of a green woman holding a baby