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Women's Center

The mission of the Women*s Center is to engage with the multi-dimensional experiences of women students, to challenge patterns of injustice for people of all genders, and to provide a welcoming and inclusive space. We elevate all marginalized voices while prioritizing prerogatives to learn, organize, and support one another as peers and mentors, and we foster a community dynamic both within and beyond the Women*s Center that is collaborative, creative, and inclusive.

We encourage a campus environment that recognizes the contributions of women and supports their diverse concerns. The Women*s Center serves as a home base for many programs and projects presented by women’s groups on campus. Embracing change, demanding diversity, and recognizing the dignity to all women, the WC is an empowering focal point for young women leaders.

Programming organized by the Women*s Center and the Coalition for Women Students ranges from a simple crafternoon to a week of speakers. We work in collaboration with campus and community partners to create educational programs during awareness months, and celebrate International Women's Week. Our events bring people together so we can inspire, encourage, and empower them to create change in their lives and communities.