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Women's Recognition Luncheon

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History of the Luncheon

The month of March is designed as National Women's History Month. Through a resolution passed by congress in 1987, this special time was set aside to recognize and celebrate women all races, ages, cultures, ethnic tradition, and ways of life.

The Women's Resource Center helps to coordinate the Women's History Month Celebration at Washington State University. A wide range of activities are organized and supported by many colleges, departments and student organizations. The Women's Resource Center also presents the Women's Recognition Luncheon during which the WSU Women of Distinction and Women of the Year are honored. 

In 1991, the Women's Resource Center organized a photo exhibit in recognition of Washington State University's centennial celebration. The display revealed the presence of women on campus at its earliest year in 1892.

The Women Making History at Washington State University is an ongoing project intended to reinvigorate the legacy of the women's movement and to promote the vision and courage of women who are working tirelessly to dismantle the entrenched patterns of discrimination, poverty, political exclusion, economic disparity, injustices, and violence against women.

The Women's Recognition Luncheon, which is coordinated by the Women's Resource Center, provides the opportunity to recognize the diverse accomplishments of women. The Washington State University Women of Distinction and Woman of the Year awards are presented at the luncheon. The awards are presented by the President's Commission on the Status of Women in partnership with the Association of Faculty Women, Coalition for Women Students, Women's Resource Center and Women's Studies Program.