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Reinterpreting Reality Art Exhibit

Artists submissions at Art Exhibit

Pauline Sameshina
2012 Pauline Sameshina

The Reinterpreting Reality Art Exhibit (RRAE) started in 2005 and provides female artists at WSU and surrounding communities with the opportunity to showcase their art and meet other female artists. Reinterpreting Reality is an initiative of the Women’s Resource Center with support from YWCA of WSU, APAW, and the Coalition for Women Students, as well as in partnership with the Student Entertainment Board.

The Reinterpreting Reality Art Exhibit is displayed during March, Women's History Month, and features all WSU women artists, students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please join us in celebrating the arts and cultures of WSU.

To be part of the Spring showcase and show off your amazing artwork, you will need to fill out the art submission form and bring your submission to the Women's Resource Center, in Room 8, Wilson-Short Hall. Check this page for deadlines as they become available.