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CougarWomen Training for Success

The CougarWomen Training for Success Series is an initiative that provides non-academic professional development programming to help students successfully transition from college to career.  The program provides key tips on dining etiquette, self-marketing, and dressing for success. Events are added as they are requested or become available; watch our Events page for details. Two programs that have been offered frequently in the past include an etiquette dinner and salary negotiation workshops.

Etiquette Dinner: The goal of this dinner event is to provide students an opportunity to practice proper etiquette.  From which fork to use to how to handle awkward dining table conversations, the etiquette dinner helps give students more confidence in future complex social situations.

$tart $mart $alary Negotiation Workshop:  $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop is an initiative of AAUW and the WAGE Project. The workshop provides college women with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to negotiate for fair salary and benefits.