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    Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) is a member organization of the Coalition for Women Students. 

    The YWCA of WSU is a member association of the YWCA of the USA. We have been part of the WSU community since 1895 and are proud to be part of this women's membership movement. The YWCA of Washington State University is currently involved in several programs on campus and in the community which provide leadership opportunities for young women and volunteers.

    One Imperative:  The Elimination of Racism and the Empowerment of Women

    We participate in the Women of Color Symposium and local/regional Racial Justice programs through funding speakers and presenters, giving students opportunities to attend training sessions, and through educational art programming for grade school students.

    We actively and selectively seek partnerships and build coalitions with many groups and organizations on our campus and in our community, and the United Way funds our primary school programs.

    If you want to learn about challenging social issues while seeing the differences you can make in your community, the YWCA has a place for you! Membership in the YWCA of WSU offers you the opportunity to participate in exciting activities, programs, and events. Membership is open to anyone regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or disability.

    For more information contact Maria Saucedo, Chair, Coalition for Women Students (CWS) at the Women's Resource Center:  maria.saucedo@email.wsu.edu or call 509-335-7118.

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    Women's Resource Center, PO Box 644005, Wilson-Short Hall, Room 8, Ground Floor
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