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Native American Women's Association

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Native American Women's Association (NAWA) is a member organization of the Coalition for Women Students.

The purpose of the NAWA is to address the needs and concerns of Native American students at Washington State University, with a special emphasis on issues that affect Native American women. NAWA encourages Native American women to assume leadership roles on campus and become actively involved in the community.

In addition to participating in planning and implementing the Women of Color Symposium, NAWA provides and co-sponsors other programs and projects which enhance multicultural efforts at WSU.

These include:

  • American Indian Heritage Month activities in November
  • Pah-Pu-Loots (Pow Wow) --Works in partnership with KuAuMah to plan and coordinate this annual event, and provides a traditional dinner for participants
  • Community projects including Family Socials, WSU Alum Roundtable
  • Co-sponsors of speaker programs and other multicultural programs.

For more information contact the Women's Resource Center: timonae.taylor@wsu.edu  or call 509-335-7118.