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Men for Social Change

MSW member sets up flags for rally


MSW members holding "stop the violence" sign


The purpose of Men for Social Change is to educate men on their positions in regards to social issues, which are commonly seen as women's issues alone. The organization is inclusive, so we encourage all students to join. We use critical discussions and events to identify oppressive ideologies in today’s society, as well as shedding greater light on the sexual violence against women. Through our focus on women we are able to tackle different systems of oppression that affect women like sexism, racism, ableism, and classism. This organizations mission is to tackle the patriarchy through activism, community service, and encouraging men to become a supportive voice to women empowerment movements.

Having men support underrepresented groups is important, so we aid our sister organizations to educate about women's challenges and strengths from their own cultural perspectives.

We have done so by:
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention events in April.
Working closely with Green Dot and Alternative Violence of the Palouse.

The Teal Ribbon Event
An annual event that pays homage to YWCA's clothesline project in the Fall. Everyone is encouraged to sign a teal ribbon and pin them up with many other teal ribbons on the mall. This is to show that Washington State Students know sexual assault and domestic violence happens, and we are here for those affected.

For more information contact the Women's Resource Center:
timonae.taylor@wsu.edu or call 335-7118


Ammanfil Oreta
MSC President 2016-2017